What Is Cat Training

Why train your cat?

Cat training or training your cat is something that most people and many cat owners don’t know about.

Yet when they don’t do know the techniques to train their cat to be more sociable, or know the secrets to choosing a cat that is sociable when they are about to get a kitten or cat, they are missing out on years and decades of a close relationship with their cat.

Yes, when you develop your relationship with your cat, many unexpected things happen.

Behavioral problems can be solved.

Many behavioral problems that other owners seem to get are totally avoided.

You have a close, human like bond that other cat owners will never believe is possible.

Yet how do some cat owners possess such a close relationship and so much more fun than other cat owners?

It’s simple.

They know the secrets on how to develop a relationship with their cat.

It is this insider knowledge of how to develop a relationship with their cat that determines your quality of life together.

Some call it “cat training”, but the real goal of training your cat is developing this relationship.

Get the training done in the right way, and your relationship flourishes.

What is cat training? It’s not just training, it’s bonding…

Training is a part of this process, such as your cat understanding human standards and rules such as how to behave at the kitchen table, even with guests over, and how to sleep with you at night on the bed, whether it’s over or under the covers.

However, this training, though mistakenly seems superficial by many non cat lovers, is actually part of the deeper process of developing our relationship with our cats.

When you connect with your cat in a meaningful way to both you and your cat, the connection is established.

When this happens, there is a non threatening relationship from you to the cat which solves many problems.

Plus, you have the connection which makes your relationship with your cat not just a cat owner, but rather a human guardian of an individual cat personality.

Because each cat has a different personality, the relationship between human and cat can be vary a huge amount.

The secret is to know how to pick one that has the personality you want, or that is a perfect match for you.

So if you want a cat that is human like in their sweetness, intelligence, a higher awareness of your relationship than most cats have with their cat owners, then you will need to know how to choose a kitten or cat that has these qualities of their personality and their very essence.

If you want an independent dog-like character which will go for walks with you in nature, be happiest when in adventures with you as opposed to by themselves, and travel across the country on car or plane with you on a regular basis, then the character you need is a cat is a little different.

And yes, there are specific proven tips on how to choose a cat with the type of personality you are looking for.

Does the breed of cat affect bonding?

And what about the breed of cat?

It is true that cat breeds can make a crucial difference in personality, so if you’re ready to discover the most popular breeds for a certain type of cat, then see our reader ‘reviews’ coming up.

Much like a book review, we can look at people’s reviews of cat breeds to see which breed will make a great pair for you.

The most popular cat breeds in the USA, according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, who recognizes 42 breeds of cats, are:



Maine Coon





American Shorthair

Cornish Rex


Do people choose these cats for their looks or personality?

We’ll find out.

Above all, whichever breed you choose, if you know the secrets to choosing a socialised cat, a cat that has the personalities that you are looking for, and developing your relationship so that you’re close, and that allows the cat to live sociably in a human world without any behavioral issues, then you are in for a great ride.

The ride of life with a pet.

Can your cat be your best friend?

Cats and dogs trumps all other pets when it comes to friendship.

And believe it or not, cats can be a preferred pet to dogs for many for a variety of surprising reasons, which we’ll look at, and this includes many aspects of their personality.

The secrets to all these about cats will enable you to understand and develop a bond with your cat that other owners envy.

Imagine, knowing how to get and develop a great relationship with your cat that will provide with a companion that you can share your life adventures with, and that provides your cat with someone who provides so much joy and love in their lives.

Your best friend?

I have seen many cats who are mignons or companions just the way their owner likes it.

Cats display and show many aspects of personality that is close and compatible with humans.

This is why humans and cats bond.

There’s something in their and our DNA that allows us to understand each other with just a glance, a tone of voice or a touch.

So enjoy and get the secrets to cat training.

Cat Training Secrets Ebook


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